I've been on Aviane for about a year now, and initially I thought that it was the best pill I've taken before. I initially switched from Ortho-tricyclin Lo to Aviane because it was really hard to stack with a pill that had three different hormone levels.However, the symptoms of Aviane are becoming more and more evident... I started being concerned with Aviane because I got spotting for a full week before my period. Within the past few periods, I've also noticed that around the time of my period, I would get EXTREME mood fluctuations. For example, I woke up extremely angry this morning, and within a 20 minute time frame, I went from being absolutely furious, to bawling my eyes out, to being completely normal.

I initially attributed my increase in appetite levels to an increase in metabolism, because I've switched my workout regime. However, I've always been very active, so it wouldn't make sense that my metabolic levels are changing just now. Now looking back at the past year, and after reading up on other women's experience with Aviane, changes in my mood/personality and appetite levels may have been due to my switch to Aviane.

So, the symptoms I've experienced, especially within the past few months:

- extreme mood swings, especially around the time of my period- increase in appetite (I'm a tiny girl... 5'2 and 100lbs, and have to eat literally two hours... no weight gain, but I've never had to eat this frequently before. However, I'm sure that if I didn't workout daily, I would gain weight)- periodic feelings of demotivation. Which is so odd for me, because all throughout high school and my first four years of university, I would be extremely neurotic and stressed about doing well in school. And its been within the past year on Aviane, that makes me NOT CARE AT ALL, in surges. - hot flashes- spotting Have you experienced this too? What birth control did you switch to after Aviane?