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While making a study on smoking and cocaine abuse during pregnancy and their affect on babies, scientists have noticed something that looked like a seizure in a fetus but then they realized it may be crying of a 28 weeks old baby.
They noticed such behavior with the help of video-recorded ultrasound images. The scientists made low-decibel noise on the mother's abdomen and observed baby’s response. The baby showed a "startle" response to the noise, as well as deep inhalations and exhalations, an open mouth and a shivering chin that are all signs of crying.
The scientists report that this is not strange because when a baby is prematurely born, it is possible for s/he to cry.
These findings suggest a prenatal origin of crying. If this is true, than it also means that at this stage the babies would have to be capable of moving, and have the necessary sensory and brain development to process the offending sound and recognize it as something negative.


This comes as no surprize to me that a baby has caught on video and audio crying in the womb. What surprizes me is that it made it to the news!

20 yrs. ago I saw a video via ultrasound of an abortion actually taking place. The baby was only weeks old, but that baby fought for it's life! It was a suction abortion and the baby swam away and pushed away from the suction head as long as it could, to no avail of course. He did not like the fact that there was something attacking him in his own home.

Every one should view this video as proof that babies in the womb feel pain, know what is going on in their surroundings and are NOT just tissue. IF you are brave enough to educate yourself, try to find a copy of "The Silent Scream".