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My wife missed her mentrual date, so i doubt that she is pregnent. We don't want child for two years(Our marriage is in the past month) :-) %-).How we can survive this ? What techniques are used in abortion ?


First stop. think. do not panic.
here's the process of abortion I suggest you read it carefully.
this a video which is very informative and you should read the following.
RU-486 is an abortion pill. This pill disrupts an important hormone during pregnancy, progesterone. Which enables the uterine wall to provide nourishment to the child. A follow-up pill is given to then expel the baby.
This is the pushing of a sharp tube into the uterus which dismembers and sucks the child into a bottle.
A loop knife is used to scrape the child out of the womb, cutting it to pieces.
Done after the first trimester, D&E is the propping open of the cervix and systematic dismembering of the infant until only the head remains. The skull is then crushed and pulled out.
Prostaglandin Abortion
Prostaglandin is a hormone that induces labor. The child usually dies from the strain of delivery. To prevent this, some abortion doctors inject a “feticide” into the child’s heart. This is usually done in the mid to late term of the pregnancy.
Also known as, partial birth abortion, this form is usually done in the mid to late term of the pregnancy. A doctor dilates the cervix, and using and ultrasound positions the child into breech position. The doctor then pull the child out except the head. He jams blunt tipped scissors into the base of the skull and opens the scissors. A suction catheter is placed into the opening and sucks out the brain collapsing the skull. The child is removed

If you truly feel you cannot love this child, there are other people who will adopt them and give them a loving home. You can even choose whether you want contact with the child or not.