my baby her name is cedreonna she was born at 4 months 1/6/2007, she was a preemie weighing 1lb 4oz she stayed in the hospital for about 4 months she was released on 5/11/2007 She did very good through her whole time at preemie stage she was weighing 7lbs 9oz. She was at home for 11 days when all of a sudden she stopped beathing we immediate called 911 and started cpr she is now in the hospital with server brain damage and she cant breath on her own because her brain cant tell her to me and my wife think that it was malpractice on the hosipital before she was released the doctors gave us 2 options for our beautiful little girl the first one was that we can send her to a institution and let her suffer in my opinon the second one is hospice were they disconnet her from all machines and make her comfortable until she leave this world this has been very upseting and devestating i dont know what do can someone please give me some advice please thank you cedric