This past Nov(07) I had a miscarriage at 7 weeks...So i had a D&C done..3 days after the D&C i had cramping on my lower left side, So i went back in the doc did a US and said that there were blood clots in my uterus, So she scraped them out! After that i got my period on Dec 12 and it stoped on the 18, And after that i had Brown Discharge with some light red spotting, So i called the doc AGAIN and she sent me to the hospital to have a GOOD US done..When the results came back from that she said that i had a Fibroid the size of a Nickel in my uterus and a cyst that rupshard on my left ovary...Ok so NOW i ask all these ?'s about Can i get have another baby? Could this be why I'm haveing this wired discharge/spotting?? She said that this should not effect us getting prego again, and she does NOT know why im Spotting/Discharge after my period. So as for this month i started my period on Jan 20th and it stoped on the 26th....And today is the 30th and I'm STILL having the Spotting and brown Discharge with some cramping! :'( Does anyone know what could be going on with me? Or am i just Crazy?? I'm beginning to thank im not gonna beable to get prego again! Thank You for reading this! Have a GREAT DAY!! :-)