Any inputs on when people think my period will come with out the help of birth control..... cause okay in February of 2007 My periods stopped coming for no reason so i went to the doctor in april and she said its because im so fit and my weight is down she says its not unusal she says (keep in mind that im sexualy active with my boyfriend) well i got on BCP. well after one month i lost them i found them and countinued in July. but not before taking a few pausitive pregnancy tests well turns out my blood says im not pregnant so i started the pills again in Sept. around the 22nd. ever since i took a pausitive pregnancy test my boobs hurt more then usaly and have since around aug 8th thats when the test was pausitve and im not sure why well my periods scheduled to come around the 16th of this month... but ever since i started the pills again after July i have gotten pretty bad cramps every day and yesterday got a bloody discharge but no period so my main question is how long will it take to regulate my period also i thought before i was on bcp my body might have been goin thru its cycle but no period so idk..............WHEN WILL MY PERIODS COME W/O BCP?? GAh! so confusing! the doctor said 1-2 years but you know how that is they like to getin the saftey zone yah know but ne way any inputs?