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i have never felt this way until i turned 18 and became stressed out more than usual. I can't even stand in good posture for more than 3 minutes, without my back and shoulders in pain, and when i have good posture, its very hard to breath. i thought it was weak bone problems, so i been drinking alot of milk, and nothing at all. :-( . If you can help me please


Well it seems to me what you have is a stiff posture. Guess what? I did too, but here is the good news- you can improve your posture just follow these exact instructions.
Standing Posture: Hold you head up, and let it balance on top of your spine (don't concern yourself with tucking your chin in). Relax and slightly stretch your neck muscles (so you feel mild downward pressure on your collarbone) and keep them relaxed and stretching even when you rotate your head. Tuck your abs in and up from your lower abdomen (don't overdo it). Eversoslightly tilt your pelvis forward. Bend your knees and rest your weight on the balls of your feet and point toes forward. Walk lifting your knees, keeping ankles and feet relaxed (should have a natural spring in step) Spine should be relaxed and breathing nice, deeper, and easier. Should feel as if your are slightly leaning forward.
Sitting Posture: Applying the same thing as above. Sit with your butt all the way back in the chair (coccyx should sat on)
Lying Posture: Lay on your back with a pillow under your knees and a pillow under your head and neck. If you find this difficult sleep on your side with knees drawn up and a pillow between the knees (legs should be at about right angle with torso).
Hope this helps

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