Although we have always been told to sit up straight and upright to preserve a good posture, digestion and alertness, new researches show that we have been wrongly taught.

The new researches suggest that slouching and slumping are much better positions that sitting up straight in a chair.

The researchers used a new form of movable magnetic resonance imaging to scan three sitting positions: a slouch, an upright 90-degree sitting position; and a relaxed reclined position with feet on floor.
MRI scanning showed that sitting up straight puts strain on the spine and could lead to trapped nerves and slipped discs while the relaxed posture best preserved the spine’s natural shape.

Although the reclined to 135 degrees position may not be practical for computer workers, it turns out to be the best biomechanical sitting position.

Putting strain on the spine, muscles and the ligaments could lead to chronic pain and deformity over time. In the future, we will have to find chairs that let us recline so we would correct our posture and throw off back problems.