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I feel upper back pain in the morning when I wake up and when I have more sleep my pain is more.

Please guide me about sleep posture and exercise or any temporary medication.




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well - my first question would be - what is your bed like? Should the mattress be changed? Are you sleeping on a couch? 

Do you have your head elevated? Perhaps your pillow is too high? Have you considered an anatomic pillow? 

Sleep posture - lying on your back (like in a coffin :) )is I guess most natural position, although some  would say fetus position etc.. 

Regarding medications - I am not a doctor so I wouldn't go into that - I guess pain killers do help, but I would never advise them.

There are other things you can do regarding back pain- massages and a session with a chiropractor. 

Regarding exercising - swimming is one of the best things you can do for your back. If that isn't possible I would advise exercises for strengthening back muscles - some of them are called "superman" and other exercises and yoga asana 

I made a search for you on our YT channel and here is a list that covers back exercises pretty well:





I would suggest to you to try the following: side sleeping position with neck support pillow that supports head and neck, and 2 extra pillows to prevent strain in the lower back (you don't want to change one problem for another one, that happens a lot when we have spine problems we tend to over compensate), so one pillow beneath the waist and one between your legs. As mentioned before a good mattress in important, normally people tend to choose a very soft mattress. Complementation with swimming is really the best option. When choosing a new mattress comfort is also important.