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Hello. I'm 49 year old male and I have some questions about my lower back pain. All my problems date from about 3 months ago.
It all started with mild pain in my lower back which was strongest in the evening hours. I didn’t pay too much attention on it because I thought it was probably due to some muscle cramp or similar.
But, with time, pain only became stronger and now- it has come to the limit when I can barely stand the pain.
I haven’t talk with any doctor over this but I'm planning.
Before I do, I would like to find out more about possible causes of this pain!


I know some facts about this because about three years ago I have suffered from almost same symptoms. Of course, I have contacted my GP because I couldn’t stand the pain any more. After some X-ray, doctor found out that I suffer from some condition called lumbar disc herniation.
He has also mentioned that this could be also caused with simple muscle strain. Also some disease called degenerative disc disease could be the cause. After my diagnosis I have had an operation of this disc and since then I'm feeling just fine.
You must contact your GP because it is the only way to find out what is going on with you. Not every case of lumbar back pain ends up on surgical table- some of them are solved with simple massage therapy.
Wish you luck!


Hi Agnes,

It's very likely that your back pain is a result of years of cummulative bad postural habits. What kind of work do you do? You may be putting excess tension in your neck, back, and knees without knowing it. We develop these habits for various reasons and are usually unable to see the effects that we're having on our bodies until we have pain. Poor alignment can result in all sorts of other ailments, because our bodies don't fuction their best when we're not properly aligned.

I highly recommend Alexander technique, which is a means of regaining your natural posture. It's more than a simple matter of sitting up straight, because after years of being out of alignment our bodies don't really know what up straight is anymore! Somtimes attempting to sit up straight can actually make the pain and tension worse. Alexander is a subtle, gentle technique for gaining awareness in parts of your body that have been blocked and regaining the posture you were born with. You may be holding tension in areas that you're not even aware of, which are affecting your lower back. Here's one simple exercise you can do...

Lie on your back on a hard surface with your knees up, feet shoulder width apart and a comfortable distance from your butt. Make any adjustments so that your knees stay up comfortably, without you having to hold them there.
Next, place several thin books under your head. You should have just enough, so that your neck is supported, but not so many that your chin is being forced into your chest. Everyone is different, but I use 3 regular paperback books.

These are the "four Alexander directions" in this position:

1. Allow your neck to release so the head can balance forward and up and away from the top of your spine. (It may help to have someone gently pull your head out so that the back of your neck can release.)

2. Let the torso lengthen and widen.

3. Let the legs release away from the torso.

4. Release your shoulders out to the sides.

When in this position try to become aware of where you hold tension and gently release it. You can do this for 5 or 10 minutes before going to bed and I think you will find you'll sleep better, and hopefully your back pain should begin to be alleviated if you keep it up!

If you increase your awareness in this way, you'll begin to notice excess tension you're using throughout the day in everyday activities like going up stairs, bending over to pick something up. How can you do something with the lest amount of effort? You may be surprised how much unneccessary effort you use!


The most important thing is that YOU have to be the one to make the changes. A doctor may identify a curvature in your spine or some other cause, and may be able to prescribe medication to mask some of the pain. An Alexander practitioner can guide you, but only you can change your habits and correct you misalignment. I'm not a practitioner or being paid by anyone. Just another back pain suffered like yourself who has found relief from this and wanted to share it with some people!

Good luck!

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