Hello there!

I'm a 21 year old male and I have a frustrating problem with my back. 

When I stand, walk, run or even sometimes sit for prolonged periods of time, I get this annoying pain in my back. It's not an injury, it's not something very bad, but I'm pretty sure it's because during my child and teen years I didn't maintain proper posture and not my spine is probably slightly curved. In the next couple of days I will go to a hospital to make an X-Ray and see how much (%) is it, but seeing that won't solve my problem. It will just tell me how big it is. 

I'm currently doing several exercises (yoga, Pilates) that are supposed to be good for my spine and I indeed feel better after doing them but I still get those pains after hours of work (not too intense) and so on. 

The pain itself comes not from the lower back or the neck, but mostly a little over the middle and most of the upper. (Around the shoulder blades mostly)

My question is: Having in mind my age, will it be possible for me to straighten my spine and get rid of those annoying pains for good (as long as I am active and lead healthy lifestyle)

AND is it possible that the problem is as a result of weak muscles around the spine and it doesn't get enough support. It that case some spine specific exercises such as "dead lifts" and other will help me solve the problem, yes? Several months ago I was treated (successfully) for a problem as a result of which, a big part of my muscles were gone.

So that's the reason I'm considering this as a reason.

BTW, throughout the day I try to maintain proper posture, sit and walk with my head and torso as straight as possible but I have to say that it's a challenge which takes A LOT of willpower and is very exhausting. Needless to say, I'm not successful in maintaining the proper posture every day, all the time. 

And when that bugging back pain kicks in, I find it hard to concentrate on other things...

 Your input is greatly appreciated!