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Hi. I have recently been having unprotected sex with my boyfriend. We had sex Jan. 6, Jan. 11, & Jan. 15. He didn't cum in me, but I am afraid of the pre-cum. For several days now, my nipples have become sore to the touch and I have been excessively tired. I was due for a period today, but it didn't come. I was just wondering if I could possibly be pregnant, and if so, is it too soon to take a pregnancy test? Or would I be better off getting a blood test done?


Hello there,

You should safely (meaning, with accurate results) be able to take a pregnancy test from the day of your missed period. Home pregnancy tests are just as accurate as blood tests, so you don't need to wait for a blood test. 

Sore and tender breasts or nipples are definitely a frequently seen early pregnancy sign. It isn't enough by itself to assess whether you're pregnant, though, and you will need a positive pregnancy test to know for sure. If you have been very worried about a possible unwanted pregnancy, this can both delay your period and make you hyper-aware of normal premenstrual symptoms such as tender breasts.