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Hello there, i had a weird experience i was curious of knowing what it was and i found this website, so now i am hoping someone will help me clarify my questions. I'll be incredibly grateful, well this is what happened.

Yesterday after a while of laying down in bed thinking, i suddenly felt my body starting to get numb, like a bunch of ants started to crawl from my neck to my feet, then my heartbeat began to increase and my eyes started to twitch while i had them close. It felt incredibly uncomfortable so i moved my body a bit, to make the numbness go away and it finally did, however my heart was still racing for a while. It was a weird experience mostly because i was conscious the whole time. i don't know if this is normal or not, but i am a bit curious on what that was and why?

ohh and before i went to sleep i read and saw a lot of lucid dreaming articles and videos and while i was sleeping i was thinking about them, dont know if that was a cause of my incident...

thankyou :)


It's possible you experienced some sleep paralysis. This is a perfectly normal part of sleep. Normally when we are asleep, our muscles are paralyzed so we don't get up and move around, and the tingling you felt could have been your body getting paralyzed. People who consciously experience this may start feeling trapped or just weirded out and the elevated heart rate could be due to anxiety caused by this experience. If you experience worse symptoms, call your doctor.