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Hi all,

Firstly I don't really smoke that much weed only the occasional joint with mates, but yesterday, some gave me a joint, so I had it to myself last night whilst watching some TV, I guess I smoked it all in quick succesion (btw it wasn't a joint, it was a bit smaller, but bigger than the average ciggarete size) anyways, I felt good after it, got good and funny sensations, like my limbs weight a lot, not being able to move because I was so comfortable, but then it went downhill, all of a sudden I felt my heartbeating, I tried to ignore it, but I guess once you think of something like that, its always in the back of your mind, I felt my heartbeat go crazy, and then I got horrible sensation in my heart area, like it was filling up, felt cold right in my heart then it felt like I was having a heart attack, as in pulsating and shooting pains, I was riving in pain on my couch, I genuinely thought "this is it, I'm going to die" it was the worst thing I've ever felt, after maybe 10 minutes of this unbearable pain, it went away, I thought it was over, I said ok, I better go lie down, big Mistake.

I walked/stumbled from my TV room to my bedroom, I was blind, it was like a headrush, but I literally couldn't see anything it was like being blind, but all I could see was like bright light, it was horrible, I lay down in bed, thinking I was dieing, I was like, I'm going to be like this forever, dizzy and my hearbeating irreguarly, I'm not going to get out of this, then I thought I was going to be sent to the looney bin, as no one would believe me, I lay down in bed, other strange things happened, I can't really remember then.

But then, the heart pains came back, just as long and as bad as the first time, I thought, I was actually dieing, couldnt get up to call a loved one, as was in too much pain, eventually it subsided, then I heard things like doors slamming, cars and vans driving past my windows, doors being knocked on etc, all at one, getting really really, deafeninginly loud, it was weired I knew it was all the noises ever heard in the flat just played at the same time if you get me? I heard other noises as well, but can't remember them.

Then I tried to get to sleep, but the whole time, I was thinking this was a game, my mind was playing with itself, I thought someone maybe dipped the weed in LSD or something (but I don't think so now, as I didn't hallucinate, and its not economically viable for any dealer to dip their stuff in LSD) so anyways, I was thining it was a game, I also thought if I went to sleep I would go into a coma and die, I was fighting for my life as such, it was so real and surreal at the same time, it truly was the worst experience of my life.

Throughout the course of my "trip" I had the heart pains, and weird noises thing again, and then eventually it weared off, still felt weird, paranoid and horrible, I sat up in my bed, to get some air or soemthing, and said, OK I will watch some stuff on my laptop, I did, then my buzzer rang, I kinda freaked out, I thought it was my land lord, so I was like ohh c**p, but answered it anyways, it was my flatmate who was returning from a holiday, it was such a relief to see him, we went back into the sitting room chatted a bit more, then I went back to my bed to watch stuff on my laptop. I started getting better from there, I had a headache though, I watched a couple more hours of stuff on my laptop til my other flatmate came home, we had a beer (which calmed me down a bit) and watched TV, and went to bed.

I woke up this morning with a blinding headache, still here, I think my heart is still beating fast, but I dunno, I could be still a bit paranoid, but it was definately beating a million miles an hour the whole of yesterday.

Should I see a dr? - I've had a new outlook on life since this happening to me, I want to do more things with my family (we live in diff countries) and just love my gf and friends more, you know? - I want to start eating healthily as well...

What should I do, can anyone advise?

TL;DR version:

smoked a doob, got high, got paranoid ( i guess ) thought I was having a heart attack, worst thing ive ever experienced, what should I do?

Thanks guys


Sounds like you just had a bad trip my friends you were too high by yourself probably because of low tolerance and your right it was just paranoia messing with your mind you'll be fine dude


When you have a large dose of the 'good stuff'.
Sometimes it has a 'creeping' effect.
You don't fill the full high till a certain time later.
Kind of like a delayed high, you feel a buzz.
But than the full high kicks in, so it can be off your tolerance radar.
And you end up with a panic attack, and think something went wrong.
There is various levels of being high.
"Forgetfulness" (short term memory loss).
Which leads many inexperienced tokers to get paranoid or feel lost.
Also enhanced senses which enhance all senses.
So you can really feel your heart beating in your chest.
We naturally tune out the intense feelings.
Or we get so accustomed.
That is why Cannabis is a natural psychedelic/psychoactive drug.
Consume less next time. and wait atleast 10 minutes to 30 min.
Before re-dosing, if you packed a bowl, take a few hits.
And just wait a bit, to feel the high.
Some strains are much frostier and stronger than others.
Thanks to the growers professionalism.
Getting the most resin and resin glands (trichome) coverage.


I wouldn't recomend anyone personaly to smoke weed they make their own choices but ye dude to much to fast and blew your box off... I took a lot of lsd when I was 14 and I am 40 now and if I smoke weed of any kind I have to be pretty lit on beer otherwise I go into panick and confusion and my heart goes crazy even to this day so now I just toke a few puffs and wait like the other dude said, but nowadays I got better sh*t to be doing than drugs like trying to get laid LOL

stay safe take it easy you could have a heart attack