Hi. So I have been really stressed lately to the point where I'm crying. 3 months ago I had sex, that was the last time I ever done it. We used a condom and the male has never came near me, and he didn't even Cum in the condom. I had 3 periods ever since, they have all been heavy. I have even had signs of ovulation (long and stretchy clear discharge). I even had it for the upcoming cycle. I thought my period was gonna come and everything because I had that discharge which meant I was ovulating. On the 21st (when my period was due) I had very light spotting. To the point where I had to shove toilet paper in there to see if I still have small amounts of pink dots, there's even some red but not a lot. It's been happening for 3 days now. Can someone please help me out with this? Has this happened to any of you? I would be 11 weeks by now. Also I don't have any symptoms. Before the spotting I had cramps, mood swings, and cramps, which usually happens. Thanks for the replies. Anything helps:(( also if it helps I'm in my teenage years and my period has been changing a little, by the days. Thanks!