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Im 26 years old, married. just finishe my period 2weeks ago and im not on the pill and im not pregnant but  have been spotting reddish/pink discharge. have no appetite, having mood swings and been too sensitive lately. What could it be. Please help


Hello teekay,

it sounds to me like you're experiencing ovulation bleeding. This type of bleeding is usually just a few drops of bright red blood, or just a pinkish discharge and it's caused by releasing the egg ready for fertilization. Since ovulation happens just around the middle between your two periods, the timing fits.

Ovulation bleeding is something that some women experience during every menstrual cycle, while others can have it only once or twice in life and in latter cases it's usually caused by stress, infections, heavy emotional events... etc. if you had it happen this time, it doesn't mean that you'll have ovulation bleeding each month.

Wish you all the best,