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for the past several months, I have had severe chest pain and belching. I have had a EKG and X-Ray, both normal. It happens after I eat. I belch frequently and that seems to relieve it temporarily. It feels like I am inhaling food into my lungs, and I can't breathe well. It happens to me every time after I eat. Sometimes hours after eating, I have to gag and undigested food comes up from my esophagus. I have tried gas-x, mylanta, zegerid, pepcid. I am starting to think it is not my stomach. My Dr. wants to do an ultrasound of my gallbladder next. Would my gallbladder cause this? I am getting really tired of feeling like this everyday. Help?


I am experiencing the same symptoms except for the "inhaling of foods into my lungs" and "I can't breather well" comments. My pains are very sharp in the chest area and if I make myself belch it temporarily relieves the pain. I finally made an appointment to see a Gastrologists on July 15th to see if he can provide a diagnosis. I have had these pains on and off for about 5-6 years and just recently they have become more frequent to the point where I need to see a specialists. I have tried the acid reducers, but they did not work for me (maybe temporarily).

Did you go ahead with ultrasound of your gallbladder? Any diagnosis from your Doctor?