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Hi All, I need a little help. I'm looking for the best oral antidote for hypos. I've been type 1 for close to 30 years and for some reason I'm not experiencing symptoms of hypos like I use to and I generally am into a more serious hypo than I have ever been before. So, I'm looking for the quickest way to get rid of a hypo when I'm really going quite low. I'm getting to the point of shaking and feeling weak and becoming confused so I need something quick acting and easy to do cause I'm not thinking clearly. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.



Hi, You know what, for me I grab anything as quickly as I can and what that is depends on where I'm at, I'm afraid to say. I think as most of us know, Luacozade is definitely the fastest quick fix you can get. But, you can't always carry that with you especially if your flying commercially. Moreover, it is really fizzy and some people can't hand that very well. I personally swear by Jelly Babies and you can take those anywhere but just remember to keep your supply handy at all times. About not sensing your hypos like you used to, consider running your BG levels a little higher than normal. I hesitate to suggest this however it does seem to work. If you raise your normal BG levels for several weeks, you may be able to sense your hypos better. Your system has been about the same for a long time and that allows for a loss in sensing. If you alter the normal to something a little higher, then you should be able to sense the difference. Don't go to extreme on this and I suggest you talk with your diabetes manager about this before you do it. Be careful about this and I wish you the best.