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Hello, I need some information. I was wondering how classification of a 'hypo' is done. I realize that you can have somewhat low blood sugar and you need to take some quick energy and I know if you're passed out on the ground you are experiencing a serious hypo. But, more than that I don't know. It seems to me that some people could have what might be considered a really low blood sugar and actually feel fine. I've seen that from some of the postings on this forum. I've read about individuals who have 2.3 and they say they are fine. Any one have an input on this. Thanks.


Hi, essentially hypoglycemia refers to low BG levels and doesn't mean that you need help or need to take sugar tabs. According to the diabetes association they say that hypo is below 3.9 mmol/L but keep in mind that charts indicate that 4 if the bottom line perhaps for safety margin. Everyone reacts differently to low sugar levels so it is individual specific as far as that goes. The general rule is if you are under 4 you should take high-glycemis carbs like 3 gluco tabs, 3 Jelly Babies or 100ml of Lucozade but of course this will vary. Your supposed to check your BG about every 15 minutes to see what your BG is doing and if its not coming up enough then you need to repeat your sugar dose. Then when you are normal (whatever that is for you), you should have a lite meal (snack) to keep GB levels stable. You could take a couple of whole wheat crackers, piece of cheese and little fruit if you like.


In general, if your doctor asks you about hypos, he/she is more so asking about your hypo awareness. In other words, can you tell you're having a hypo and can you correct the problem by yourself. Consider the fact that some hypo experiences can make you confused and you do the wrong thing. So, it's all about awareness.


The way I look at it is that when I have a mild hypo I can take care of myself and do it right. I classify myself with a moderate hypo, I tend to need help from others somewhat but I'm okay otherwise. I classify a serious hypo when I need medical attention now.