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Hi, My BG high and I've had diabetes for 5 years. I have type 2 and I have been struggling with high blood sugar levels for it seems like ever. Is there anyone out there that's having the same problem? I just don't know what to do about it. I'm having difficulty with my diet and to tell you the truth I don't exercise enough. I just don't seem to be able to get motivated. I have trouble with my feet so I can't get around very well which makes it difficult to exercise. Can anyone suggest something that I can do to get my BG down?


HIYA, I've had problems in the beginning getting my BG down. It seemed like no matter what I ate it was high. Finally my diabetes manager suggested that I eat smaller meals more often and you know that worked for me. This kept me from getting hungry as well. You might try this if you haven't done so already. I tend to think this will work for you. You know it is important to exercise but I'm not sure what you should do if you have bad feet. You may be having some nervous system problems and poor circulation. You could try sitting in a chair and do a series of leg lifts and foot rotations to get your circulation going. You can do a series of arm rotations to keep those biceps going. You could try bending forward from the waist and try to touch your feet. See if you can't do each of these things 5 times each. Then when you're stronger, you could try doing repetitions on this. I have a friend who does this and it seems to work for her. She has to have a walker to get around but she still has the ability to do chair exercises.