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Hello ladies, I'm a type 2 and have been for about 6 years know. As time goes on, I try different foods to sort of jazz it up a bit. Eating the same foods helps to manage BG levels but after a while you just don't want the same foods. So, I've been experimenting a little bit. Since I never really did this before, I'm finding that certain foods really cause my BG to go high and I'm not really sure why. When I look at the sugar levels they seem to be okay for a certain portion and I stick to that portion. So, what's happening here. Need assistance. Thanks.


Hi, You know one of the things I did when I first found I was diabetic was to try a wide of foods and of course I found that certain foods caused high BG readings and I wasn't sure why. Food is a complicated thing because different foods have different amounts of sugar and different types of sugar as well as fats and protein. You want to look for foods that have a low glycemic index. That's a start. Low glycemic index means that the sugar/carbos are not digested rapidly and absorbed rapidly. Complex carbs are low carb as they take time to digest and absorb. These are carbs like in some pasta (you should eat whole wheat pasta) and they take time to digest. Consider celery (a great snack) is full of cellulose which is a complex carbo made up of branched chains of glucose. However, we don't have an enzyme to break it down so it goes through entire system as indigestible fiber. Also, to slow down digestion and absorption beyond glycemic index, take in foods that contain mixtures of sugar, protein and fat. The protein and fat take longer to digest and absorb and that slows down the absorption of sugar. So, that means sugar comes into your blood a very slow rate instead of all at once. If you keep this mind and eat these kinds of foods at the appropriate time I think you will find that your BG levels will stabilize.