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Hi all, I have diabetes type 2 and I heard about the reverse diabetes diet. Is there any truth to this and if so can I do this. I would rather reverse my diabetes than have to take medications the rest of my life. Has anyone tried this diet and had success with it? If you have, I would like to hear from you. Please tell me what you did so I can do the same thing. I'm just absolutely excited about the possibility of curing my diabetes. My doctor didn't say anything about this when I was diagnosed. He just gave me medication and talked about diet and exercise. I'm just all ears if someone can help me with this. Oh, and thanks.


Hi, Yes there is something like the reverse diabetes diet. I'm working on that right now. I know when my doctor told me I had diabetes type 2, I was devastated. My doctor gave me medications but didn't say anything about reversing about reversing this condition. I thought there was no hope. But, from what I've read on the Internet and patient studies, this is quite doable. I don't suggest you get off your meds at this time and you need to talk with your doctor or diabetes manager before you alter your diet again. But, it is all about diet and exercise. First off, if you already haven't, don't drink any alcohol, eat fatty foods (bad fats) and start counting your carbohydrates. Although there is a genetic component to both types of diabetes having a sedentary life with poor eating habits is the major culprit. Just make chances to the way you live by adding exercise and a better diet (which you have to do anyway). It is possible to drop you sugar levels to normal and reverse your diabetic condition. Of course, this is hard work, but I think you'll like that better than taking medication for the rest of your life.


Chances are you are over weight so you need to lose the weight as soon as possible. Being over weight contributes to the diabetic condition. Having excess fat in your body creates an imbalance of insulin. This generates insulin resistance. If you can lower your weight with diet and exercise it is possible to regain normal blood glucose levels. Of course, you'll need to maintain this for the rest of your life but that's better than taking meds. Also try increasing the protein you take in along with fiber. The fiber will bind some of the sugar in your gut and carry it out the other end.