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Hi Ya all, I'm a diabetic type 2 and someone told me that taking a bath or shower raises your blood glucose levels. I don't know. It seems to me it would lower BG but then what do I know. It seems to me that when I take a bath my BG goes up but I usually don't take a shower/bath until a couple hours after I eat when my levels would be higher anyway. Has anyone taken a look at this and recorded. Like for example, take a shower/bath right when you get up with fasting sugar levels? I'm curious about this. If it lowers my BG, I'm going to take a lot of baths. So, Does having a bath raise BG? Thanks.


Hi, I take a bath first thing in the morning when I get up. I've have just measured my fasting BG and I've have found that my BG is lower after a bath. I tend to think that you are right about your levels being higher because you wait a couple of hours after you have eaten. That would would really make sense. However, you could measure you BG before you take a shower and then measure it again when you get out and record that for a week and see what happens.


Now, it has just occurred to me that if your BG is high say 2 hours after eating and you take a shower, your BG levels might not drop as much as it would with fasting BG levels. It would be interesting to know that. I think I'll give that a try and see what happens when I do it. I think I'll try that for a week and see how it goes. I'll keep records and we'll have to get back with each other to compare notes. But, I think you have the right idea about taking lots of showers if that lower your BG. That would be another way to get control of BG when BG is high during the day or even in the morning.