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I am only 13 years old and have noticed one big lump or more in the left testicle. I sometimes feel it is heavier than the right one. I have significantly less hair in that testicle, feel the lumps are located in the conduit that heads to it, and it sometimes hurts mildly. I have had this since I was about 10 if I am not mistaken and have never asked anyone. Should I be worried? I have lately found out it could be cancer, and am extremely tense.

Help would be terribly appreciated.



It really is worth having this checked out, im sure its just a cyst of some type but the not knowing is much worse. Doctors are so used to seeing all kinds of people and different ages so try not to be too shy about it. Trust me, its well worth it just to put your mind at ease. (IF) it was anything other than a cyst then they can be easily treated if caught sooner rather than later. Call your doctor and explain the problem and im sure you will soon have a trouble free mind.

Take care