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Just last friday, I noticed a little bump on my butt. I thought it's nothing, then, next day, it started growing, biggerand bigger, then it started to hurt. It came to a time when I have problems sitting down because it was on the back of my thigh, and pressure on the lump hurt me.

I became this inconsiderate man who has to prop his legs up and push on the back of the seat in front of me so as not to sit on my lump and cause me discomfort.

now, by my lump is quite big already, and it is red and sowllen, when I prod it, it' itchy and a litte bit hurt. but it stopped growing.

I have been worrying about this lump, I am a little shy to see a doc.

will this lump repture itself?? I just leave it alone. can I??



It could be a clogged hair follicle, sweat gland or a cyst. I would so go to the doctor. Embarrassing? Maybe but I would rather suffer the temporary embarrassment than have to sit weird and be in pain! Look, doctors see everything under the sun. Bet your lump won't even phase em! Ya coulda been bit by something but the swelling would have been going down by now. You also didn't say how big this lump was. Quarter? Half dollar? In any case, go see a doc! C'mon! It'll be so worth it.