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I am of a young age ( just became 13 ). Sorry if I dont know the correct words for any medical terms i'm about to use.

Well for some time now I have had consistent pain in my testicals, being the smart child that I am i knew it wasnt right, so I searched it up on google. I came across a cancer called Testicular Cancer, although all the syptoms arent very clear or understandable, I have noticed some such as my chest and nipples becomming tender ( which by the way hurts now ). I also have some dull aches in my lower back. But concering the lump on the testicales sack, i cant find it, but i have one under the tip of my penis. Also my sack is becomming bigger, and streathing out ( the rapid growth of cells I believe ). I know this is serious due to the pain in my testicales.

I dont feel comfortable askin my mom or dad about this, and definently not going to the doctor.

What should I do. :-(


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If you were smart like you say you are, you would either talk to at least your father or see a doctor.
First of all, you are too young for testicular cancer because it usually never occurs before the age of 19, but one never can be too sure about these things, so it is good to pay attention.

You could ask your parents if you had undescended testicles when you were a little boy, because those children with undescended testicles are more prone to testicular cancer.

Not every testicular pain is cancer, cancer is usually painless. The pain may be caused from all sorts of other things most commonly infections of either a testicle or epididymis, a tube that lies on the testicle. This kind of infections usually occur when bacteria from anal area ends up in the urethra and from the urethra travels its way to the testicles.

If your sac is really becoming bigger, it could be a cyst, most commonly the one filled with fluid called hydrocele. When did your testicle sac start growing? Was it when you learned about the possibility of cancer? It could be just psychological!

I am just trying to calm you down a little bit, so you wouldn’t think about the worse. Doctors say that every swelling, and pain should be checked of course. You won’t do any good to yourself if you continued to search on the internet but you need to be examed.

Even if it were a cancer, if found in time, it is easily treated. If not, it could spread to other parts of the body and your life would be in danger then, so I wouldn’t play with it although it could be just a harmless cyst.



A friend of mine came down with testicular cancer 6 years ago and since then I am very wary about my body and always check for unusual limps etc. Because I am so careful I know exactly that 2 days ago a pain in my groin first occured. I checked the area and I have not found any limps or any changes whatsoever and there is no pain on the testicles. The only pain I feel is on my left groin. It's actually quite a mild pain but it comes and goes every hour or so.
I wish to add I play a lot of sport and perhaps this is a groin injury or could it be something worse ? How long shall I wait to see a doctor based on above symptoms ? What are the symptoms for testicular cancer ?



You need to speak with your mom and dad nomatter how you feel right now!

This is not something to be embarassed about in any way. Talking to mom and dad beats having to go through chemo, radiation and many surgeries if you catch it late in the game.

TC usually hit age ranges 15-30 so I wouldn't rule it out in your case, and by all means never listen to someone that say "this or that can NEVER happen blah blah blah" you can never be 100% sure of anything.

You also do not have to have any lumps on your testicals to have TC, it is comon to have the cancer only inside your testical which would only be found with an ultrasound test.

The paiin you are describing in your back on your nipples is very much what happens when someone has TC. You need to see a medical specialist ASAP perferably a urologist.

I hope you get this taken care of soon and please let us know how things turn out!

Good luck :-)


ive had pains in my left testicle since i was 12 im now 14 and im scared i also have white spots on my penis and testicles and i feel weird all the time as if im dreaming have i got testicular cancer