Hi, Im a 16 year old and a REALLY big bump on the side of my right balls just exploded.. literally.

The big bump has been coming back once in every 3-5 months on the same spot.
It came back 1 week ago and enlarged to a size of my complete thumb nail.
It really hurts to walk around with the bump so Im forced to bandaid it with cotton lol
Well today, I took the bandaid off and inspected it, I never squeezed the bump but I could tell it was going to explode when a dark red spot was at the tip of it.
As soon as i applied pressure , good god a flood of pus and blood just squirted out. I cleaned it out as more of the liquid just oozed out gone.
Im trying to find out what to do and thinking of seeing a doctor but it could just be a simple enlarged pimple on my balls >.>