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started as a small red bump inside my labia near entrance of vagina,it hurted then developed a small point on top like a pimple filled with yellow pus,it popped then after a day or so I squeezed it and white thick discharge came out from bump looked like when u squeeze a white head,I was told it could be genital herpes.I'm very concerned,hoping it won't be that,it's been three days since it pooped and still I squeeze some of.that white thick stuff from it.



It's not unusual to have a red bump or so inside the labia.  You produce oils in this region that are to protect the area from urine.  Sometimes, a gland in there can become infected.  Generally the immune system (white blood cells) will come in and clean up the area.  In the proces of doing so there will be some cellular damage and that shows up as pus.  In a way, it is just like a pimple.  Really can't say if it is herpes but more than likely if it were you would have a number them within that area and they wouldn't have pus in them.  That kind of herpes is a wart and they tend to be bumps that are dry not unlike you might get on your hands.  I really don't think you anything to worry about.