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my 3 year old son has a big red bump on his right thigh that I just noticed when I put him in the bath after he went to daycare. It wasn't there in the morning. he told that it was sore. I am just wondering what my of caused this.


With children - walking germ factories ;-) - bumps, scrapes, bruising etc seem part of the course! So there are several things I'm thinking this could be! 1. A bug bite 2. a bang 3. a boil

So put an ice cube in a face cloth and rub it gently over the bump! See if that helps, give him tylenol for the pain! See if there is a "head" on it! Put Polysporin with numbing agents on it! And just see if a bruise starts coming up! IF it gets worse, or his lymph nodes start to become enlarged, or he gets a fever, then DEFINITELY get him to be seen by a doctor! Just know that bumps and scrapes are TOTALLY normal with little kids - just wait till "Head LICE!!!!!" o.O >:(

good luck and health to both of you1