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hi i have this bump its kinda big on my thigh i have popped it and white stuff and blood will flow out can some one tell me what it might be please


Ingrown hair, I had one on my lower calf, it seemed way too big to be an ingrown hair, but every day I heated up a wet washcloth in the microwave until it was steaming, and pressed it against the bump. After letting it sit there for a while I tried to pop it. I couldn't for a couple days, but then finally I could and puss(the white stuff you're talking about) and blood came out. Nasty, I know. But I kept pushing it to pop it until nothing came out, then heated up the washcloth again, and repeated the whole thing. After I thought nothing more could come out, I put a Bandaid with Neosporin (or any anti-bacterial cream) on it until the swelling went down

hope this helps