On April 15 I went off the nuva ring because it was refusing to stay in. (Extremely uncomfortable as well) The next week I got my period as usual. 4 days extremely heavy.Normal for me. In May I got my period again 6 days heavy no change. In June,I got my period, with only 2 heavy days and 3 light days and a day after i was spotting. Now in July I got my period one week early with only one heavy day but no cramping where I usually cramp really bad for 2 days. (If you can say heavy. Usually I have to change 3 times a day.only changed once) took a generic brand pregnancy test but my hands were shaking so much I urinated all over the screen n test. Not sure if that alters anything. Also me and my bf had two incidents in may when he ejaculated as he was pulling out and I was riding him and he pulled out n came and I sat back on it cuz I didn't realize it. I just know im nervous as I await the dr apt. Also im itchy,nipples and breast,teeth sensitivity,fatigue,sex is diff.,moody,headaches,lower back pain,cramping,weird cravings, feet and ankle soreness, my babe even told me my face stomach and feet were getting bigger.