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I have a normal period. I'm never late. This month I had intercourse about 2 days before I started ovulating. I've been nauseated, have had tender breast, and I've been extremely tired even when i have a good night of sleep. My period was three days late then I started spotting. It was so light I didn't even notice unless I went to the bathroom. The color was very light as well. After two days of spotting, the color turned to a brownish pink then got heavier.Usually when my period starts, it starts out heavy. I don't start out spotting, especially after two days. I've had a little bit of cramping (which i usually have heavy cramping ). I'm not sure if it is implantation bleeding or a late and strange period. Any info?
Oh and I'm not on birth control or anything like that that can change periods. Thanks for the help


Searching for the same answer, my husband and I are trying to conceive and i was about 8-9 days late then i started spotting then the next day got heavier but not as heavy as when i am on my period when wiping there would be very little blood as well ( sorry for TMI) but have been searching for an answer if i could possibly be pregnant right now had took two pregnancy test when i missed my menstural but both neg. =[