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I woke up this morning feeling a thickness in my throat and stomach hurts and some minutes later i vomited a greenish yellow bitter liquid..For the past few days sardine oil has been keeping me steady..and i jes transferresd to a new school with a colder climate.wondered if i'm pregnant.please help me


If you were pregnant, you would have a delayed period and breast tenderness. Are you having these symptoms?  If not, we can rule out pregnancy.  It sounds like it could be anxiety and nerves that are causing your nausea, throat "thickness" and your chest feeling the same way.  You had vomited up bile, which is not unusual, especially if you hadn't had anything to eat.  I think your move to a new place is probably causing you more stress than you realize and your body is reacting by making you feel sick.  You should be fine; just stay hydrated and try to eat small meals until you can keep food down.