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I'm only 14 and I have been fingering myself for a while so I decided that I wanted something different so I got 3 pens and washed them and fingered myself with them I was quite rough and at some points it was like cramp above my vagina whilst I was doing this, when I bought the pens out they had blood on them, I know have tummy cramps. Have I popped my cherry? Am I still a virgin? I'm really worried!! Please reply, I'm being serious Thankyou


You are still technically a virgin until you have sexual intercourse when a penis penetrates your vagina. However, some people consider an intact hymen to equate to virginity. The hymen has also been called the maidenhead. So culturally or religiously a ruptured hymen could equal loss of virginity. In such cases, the bleeding on first intercourse is considered important to indicate virginity, and sometimes is considered proof.

It could be that you have ruptured (or partially ruptured) your hymen. You can only tell that by inspection using a hand-mirror.

Are there cultural or religious implications? Is that what is worrying you?

I hope this helps as a start. If you want more detail or clarification, please ask.