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I wonder if anyone can advise me? I have been experiencing bleeding that can last up to 3 days, before ovulation..
I have always had very regular periods and never had this problem before.
I am trying to concieve at the moment and am a little concerned that this may cause me some problems.
Any feedback would be great.
Thanks :?



I have occasional bleeding or sometimes just a light brown discharge before ovulation. It started just after I got married (3 years ago). I was really concerned as I was also wanting to conceive shortly after and was checked for polyps, and had a scan on my ovaries and uterus. All was normal. Sometimes as the mucus changes and becomes thinner it can wash leftovers from your last period down (which is why I sometimes see the brown colour). I find the more water I drink around that time the more of a pinkish colour it has.

If you are still concerned go see your doctor, as the last thing you need when trying to conceive is stress!!