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Okay, In a previous topic I discussed
how I've messed around with my ex boyfriend
and am not sure if im pregnant or not, due to
a few noted changes with my body. But I'd figure I'd
know forsure monday when my period is due.

Now things are a little different.
I seen my exboyfriend again this morning &
we were intimate again (this time with a condom)
BUT, when I went to the bathroom I discovered
that my hymen was broken & i was bleeding,
something that never occured any of the other times we
fooled around because he could hardly ever get it inside.

So, I put on a panty liner and went on with my day
but about two hours later, I felt wet and when i
checked the panty liner, it was full with blood
(like a dark reddish brown color).

So i switched it, and went to take a nap and I starting
getting these bad cramps similiar to when im on my cycle.
When I got up from the nap, the new panty liner was full
of blood too but a little brighter than before.

Also, I had the urge to throw up and felt clammy.

The bleeding lasted for a few hours kinda heavy & bright red
and I took a few motrin to help the camping.

I'm not sure if all the blood was from my hymen,
or if the sexual intercourse brought my period early,
or if I was pregnant and him forcing his penis thru
there bumped my uterus too hard a few times and
caused me to start bleeding???


Hi! Ok the only way to get pregnant is if there is ANY unprotected vaginal intercourse!

Since your boyfriend wore a condom, the chances are lower about 97-98% being covered for pregnancy?

The hymen would NOT bleed so much!

Due to the fact that your period was due on Monday I feel that the sexual activity you had, increased your hormones and either brought on your period early OR it is just "vaginal bleeding" which is similar to a period!

All of this also depends on how old you are and how long you have been menstruating and if you have regular periods?

So the main question is have you had ANY unprotected sex?


Okayyy here we go.

Back to the end of march, he didn't wear a condom

when he first started going in,, then after a few minutes

he put one on.

I'm thinking all my activity did bring my period early,,

((I was panicing yesterday thinking just incase I was pregnant-

which i was never sure of just suspected, from march that i was bleeding too much))

but what is vaginal bleeding? lol i don't like the sound of that lol

But I'm 18 and I've been having regular periods,

7 days, with a 28 day cycle all my life.

Never have I skipped one & im usually on time.


OK! Now I'm back to scaring you! Due to the fact that you had unprotected sex, you can get pregnant! It doesn't matter if it was just for 1 second! It was unrpotected! So this could have been a miscarriage! From ALL the bleeding! Bleeding is caused by one of the following reasons

1. Vaginal bleeding - increase in hormones - not a regular period !
2. A period
3. A miscarriage
4. Infection!

So I am unsure of what is happening with you! I would wait a few more days then take a pregnancy test OK? Just to rule it in or out! And STOP bumping into your old boyfriend!!!!! Please let me know how you make out OK? Good luck!


Okay,, But if it was a miscarriage & I take a test now,,

won't it come out negitive? Or if it is my period then I

couldn't still be pregnant right? Plus if I take a pregnancy test,

couldn't the blood interfere with the results?


If it is a miscarriage it will take a while for our body to go back t normal and know that you are not pregnant. But it would be best to wait till your period stopped before you take it. But you do need to see a doctor either way. :-D


thank you!


Another question was there any clots in the ongoing blood when you wiped or on the liner? I know it can't be broken hymen. Bambi ruled that one out. But the period, hormone theory sounds the best fitting. But you have to remember that you had unprotected sex also so there is a risk . If this bleeding you are having now is semi the same as your period then lets just say you got lucky hun. If it is on and off then you should get hecked out bc if it is a miscarriage then the doctor will have to make sure all of the baby is out. For your health and future pregnancies. And so you don't hymrage srry bad speller. lol I really hope this helps you some. If you need anything you can PM me too. Oh your welcome!!!! :-D


Yeah,, there were a few small clots here and there,

but not in the very beginning,, I'm hoping it's just regular

period,, because I've been quite active lately,, but idk.

I want to be sure though so I am going to visit the doctor



A doctors visit would be the best right now. Because clots are sometimes and mostly a sign of miscarriage. But i dont know how regular your periods are or how heavy, light, thin or thick so it could also be your period. But it is good that you are going to the doctor to make sure. :-D


Since you post was so long ago ovbiously you have gotten resultes long ago. But for future readers I'm going to reply. The bleeding can also be an indicator of pregnancy. Often about 6 or so days after intercourse there can be some bleeding that occurs when the fertilized egg implants on the uterus wall. Cramps that are similar to the cramps you get with your period can also occur, as well as other typical sign of the period. Its during the second month, however, that the period is completely absent, although other vaginal secretions will continue to increase. The best way to tell without going to a doctor (only if you are unable to)  is take a pregnancy test at home 4 or 5 days before your next expected period following intercourse, and then another the second month before that period would be due. But going to the doctor is always the best option, especially if you suspect you may have had a miscarriage.