I am 43 with regular period but this month i am having bleeding during ovulation I felt cramping in the morning and had pink discharge then went on the treadmill and had bleeding bright red for few hours one day and then became pink or brown with ovulation like discharge?
I excersize every day 30 min treadmill but not too fast and is has been 2-3 days. cannot get appt with my gynecologyst doctor or the bio hormones doctor I went to see before and going away to Europe for 4 weeks
in the past had low progesterone and was on bio progesterone cream and wondering if i should start the cream again but the doctor wont tell me unless I make appt and pay but it will take 3 months to get apptmt/nice doctors in Canada/ ha.
if anyone had same problem or know a doctor in Ontario that works with bio hormones and is not noo expensive i will try it but doctors just don't care and I hate to give them money and they won't even pretend to care