Hi everyone.

My issues started before my last period (which started on the 16th of January and lasted it's usual 4 days). My last period ended around the 26/27 of December (I can't remember the exact day). Anyways, about a week after that, I started to get a slight pain in my lower right pelvic area, around where my ovary is. It would come and go. I also managed to have a sore back. The pain in my pelvis would come and go, and gradually got better, until right before my period when it got a bit worse for a few days. After my period, the pain went away.

My period on the 16 came like clockwork, normal 4 days, etc. I started to have that pain on the lower right side again, and right now (just like last month at this time in my cycle) I'm having the same pains I experienced on that right side. However, i don't have the back pain anymore, the pain on my lower right side is not lasting as long, nor does it occur as frequently as before. This is around the time of ovulation for me.

The reason I'm so terrified is because I am looking at signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer, and am literally freaking out. I don't have bloating, my eating habits haven't changed (meaning I'm not feeling full quicker or needing more food to feel food), don't have indigestion. The two things I'm worried about are my sore calf muscle I've had for a week or so. Again, this sore muscle comes and goes, and feels better when I'm moving it and not sitting still. It started getting sore right after I went for a hard run, so there's a chance I aggravated something, but naturally I see that as a symptom and get worried.

Another reason I'm worried is when I get anxious (which I have been over this) I feel like I have to urinate. I know when I get nervous for anything, I urinate, and feel like I need to about 5 minutes later again. I had this happen yesterday when I was severely anxious over an appointment I made with the doctor. I started to drink a lot more water anyways, so this morning, I got up and went to the bathroom, and I don't have that feeling of urgency anymore. So it comes and goes. It might have something to do with the fact I am ovulating, or that I just started to drink more water daily as habit.

Anyways, I'd really appreciate any help you can give