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Here is my elevator story:
1. Had BAD case of cystisis in February (symptoms were low back pain, nausea and throwing up). Couldn't get to dr. for 24 hours due to nausea.
Took Cipro for a week. Started drinking cranberry juice every day.
2. Couple months later started having bladder sensitivity and urgency. (3-4 on scale of 10). Didn't relate it to the cystisis; thought it was age. I'm 55.
3. Couple months after that had a dr. appt and told her about my bladder urgency. She suggested kegels. And I asked for some kind of vaginal cream for dryness. She prescribed Estrace. 2 grams a night for 2 weeks; then 2 times a week after that.
4. Estrace made me so lightheaded I had to stop after 1.5 weeks. And my bladder sensitivity/urgency quadrupled while using it.
5. Right after I stopped using Estrace I started having a white urethral discharge and my urethra felt irritated off and on.

I wonder if I had a minor case of IC after my cystisis cleared up and originally that is what caused my bladder issues but then the Estrace elevated it.

Married 23 years, monogomous relationship. Hadn't had sex for a couple years before that cystisis attack and haven't since.

Had a dr. appt and told her I had urethral discharge. She took a vaginal sample and result was no clue cells, although there was bacteria.

I feel that bactera spilled over from the urethra discharge. I didn't ask her why she took a vaginal sample and not urethral.

She didn't offer an antibiotic for the bacteria.

I feel I should go to a urologist but haven't. I don't hurt, burn, itch, no more bladder issues. Just the discharge. I think it is related to the cystisis or Estrace, or both.



Hello. Cystitis is a common infection of the bladder and almost every lady has it once. There are so much different treatments that can help you, I know that between 20 to 40 per cent of women will get cystitis in their lifetime and that is why you need to visit your gynecologist every six months. You know what else you can try to see if this can help you? Kegel exercises for women. They can help you deal with some problems, but not all of them. So in case you want to try those, consult some good doctor or your gynecologist.