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Morning's when I take bath and split out cough, there is a tiny amount of blood. It doesn't happen until I take bath. Means before brushing I try to spit cough and there is nothing, during brushing or after brushing also there is nothing. As soon as start bathing and try spitting the cough I see blood in it. I dont cough hard or anything like that, I just try to spit taking out some cough. Should I see a doctor, if so whom should I see? I mean which specialist? 

I do smoke, but I am not a heavy smoker.

Thank you for your replies.


Hi Guest,

Yes, see your doctor.  A GP is fine.  Once the cause is found you can see a specialist.  If it's the lungs it would be a pulmonologist.

It could also be due to your sinuses.

Definitely see someone and find the cause.  It may be nothing serious but it certainly could be!