Hi all,

I'm glad I stumbled on this site hoping someone can share advice or related experience.

I've been spitting blood for 8 months already. But I feel no pain and I am not coughing and I don't have colds. There are no other symptoms. Before, blood was seen in the saliva once a month then, it became twice a month.

I first went to an Internal Med doctor, however, after seeing the color of the blood I was spitting (I took a picture of it), she advised me to see an ENT instead. Color was bright red.

I did lots of tests. My chest X ray was okay and my lungs were perfectly normal. I am not a smoker and haven't tried even once. I also do not drink hard liquors.

In an endoscopy, my ENT found a mass on my left nose and advised for a CT scan and a nasopharyngeal mass biopsy which I did. CT scan/biopsy results were okay and operation was successful.

However, 2 months after, I spitted blood again. My doctor advised for MRI and some other tests. MRI results were also okay. I really could not understand why I'm spitting blood again. Maybe it's because of my surgery and stress/pressure made me bleed again? But it's been 2 months already?

Your thoughts are really appreciated.

Thank you.