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Hey all,

For the past month and a half, I've been suffering from a pretty consistent cough with no other symptoms of a cold that I've noticed. It's a productive cough, although for the most part I have to force the cough. Basically, it feels like my airway is congested by mucus, but does not cause me to cough so I generally either just clear my throat and swallow, or I force a cough which generally results in very minor sputum production. Whether I choose to clear my throat or force the cough depends on how congested it feels.

The sputum ranges from clear to tiny little flecks of brownish yellow (literally like 1-3 tiny flecks throughout the spit, probably 1mm in diameter at most). Occasionally I'll cough up a slightly larger single lump.

I've also noticed general tightness in my lungs this past week or so, but my Ventolin seems to do nothing to help it and I only notice it at the full extent of my breath, not when breathing normally.

Now until 2 months ago I was a smoker, however I'm only 19 and had only been smoking for about 5 months and generally only 3-5 cigarettes a week, so not heavy at all. One night I had like 5, woke up the next morning and coughed up a huge lump of tar. Haven't had a cigarette since.

I DO, however, smoke weed generally once or twice daily, generally through a bong for the filtration. I have been doing so for a bit over a year now, have noticed no negative effect on my lung function whatsoever provided I maintain my workout regimen.

Due to the cough, I haven't smoked anything in a week and a half and the cough has not subsided at all, not in production or frequency, nor have my lungs felt any better.

I went to see a doctor, they could hear nothing wrong with my lungs and said they sounded great, and that it was likely a flare up in asthma but this was at a walk-in clinic so these are doctors who generally try to get patients in and out as quickly as possible. They prescribed me to a stronger maintenance inhaler (200mg Symbicort 2 puffs 3 times daily until my cough calms down).


Figured I'd come here and get some opinions. This sound like a smoker's cough or a seasonal asthma-related cough to you guys? A lot of my buddies have been asking me to come smoke with them on the weekends and I've repeatedly turned them down as I don't want to smoke if it is in fact a smoker's cough and the doctor was wrong, so that my lungs can heal themselves up a bit.



Omg I am so worried I have lung cancer :( Im 18 and have been smoking since i was 16, i smoke a lot of tobacco a day, with my weed in a bong so the smoke is a lot thicker and you inhale more at one time.... I have the exact same symtoms as you except now i have what i think is a kink in my back that tightens up when I breath and hurts in the same spot. I read that shoulder pain can be a symptom of lung cancer as well : ( i have ventolin which seems to work sometimes but im just so unsure....