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I am 18 years old and I wake up with mucus throat every morning. Now I see blood in the mucus as well. I am worried. HELP!!

I had been taking some throat medication prescribed by the doctor for throat pain. I stopped taking the med because it had no effect at all. Every morning same condition- throat full of mucus.

It has been a while now, I have been seeing blood with the mucus. The blood use to be in small amount earlier but now the blood amount has increased. It seems like it is getting worse. I went to check if i had TB but the result was negative. I don't have TB. 

Doctor where I checked for TB told me to go to the specialist but haven't yet. I do not have a health insurance so I don't want to spend if it is just a normal infection. I want to know if it is normal condition or serious enough to see the doctor ASAP. I have read some other post in this website and found a very grey idea. some say go doctor and check its serious and some say it is normal condition of just severe mucus problem which is untreated.

Let me know what should I do and what it is. I am scared and worried. Help me and please share if you have experienced the same or know someone who has experienced this.

Thanks to all in advance,



Hi Prabinesh,

Please see your doctor.

The blood could be coming from several sources, we can't tell over the internet.  It may be nothing, but the fact that it is continuing should indicate that you need to do something about it.

It could be a sinus infection, allergy, GERD (gastric reflux), or many other things.

Keep us posted, good luck.