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Hi All

I have been experiencing nausea for 6 months now and it is worse after eating and in the mornings.

It is a strange nausea as I feel sick in my throat and often my throat become a bit full of mucus/phlegm. This is usually clear mucus in the evenings after eating.

I get worse phlegm every morning which is usually clear/white with green included sometimes. I also get a blocked up nose in addition in the morning on waking.

I was wondering if these 2 symptoms could be linked?

Another thing is when I eat I am going along fine, then suddenly I'll have a bite that feels as though it wont go down and I have to drink to make it go down- following this i then feel worsening nausea.

I have thought for a long time that my nausea was a stomach issue but the mucus following eating and in the mornings in worsening.

I do have a cat that is allowed to sleep on my bed at night, but I am unsure if an allergy to a cat would cause mucus in my throat even when not at home.

Any help greatly appreciated as the doctors are a bit stumped!



I've got a very similar problem actually. I dont have a great deal of nausea as i use to have but i have alot of mucus in mornings and after drinking. At the moment im on tablets designed to treat acid reflux in an attempt to sort it but have had no luck so far. I would suggest that you try a nasal spray like flixonase as it could well be that your mucus/phlegm us causing your nausea. Flixonase would eliminate certain possibilty's such as certain allergy's and any post nasal drip. If that doesnt work i would then explore the possibility of acid reflux or even irriitable bowel medicine.


Hey Tiddles I just read your input and I am currently experiencing the same thing you were going through. I noticed you wrote this over a year ago and I am very interested to know what you did to relieve you of these symptoms. What did you eventually do to stop this???? Your answer is much appreciated, just answer here  ***this post is edited by moderator *** *** private e-mails not allowed*** Please read our Terms of Use



Advair is the answer.


Hi, You have exactly the same symptoms as mine. The gel/clear mucus is an immune response from the larynx to a small amount of reflux (usually pepsin) that is getting through the higher esphogeal valve into the throat area. Do you ever notice a white foam like substance coming up?

I also have the throat like nausea and a slight chemical minty cold feeling from the mucus. The condition is called LPR and needs to be managed via an ENT doctor.

Eating a fresh low fat low acid diet helps. Ant acid drugs are usually prescribed twice a day but I do not find these stop the mucus which is copious. The stomach discomfort is caused by the mucus dripping into the stomach.

I also find sipping on bland fluids, chewing gum after eating or sucking on a low acidic (herbal) lozenger helps. A weak ginger tea bag can help with the nausea.

Alcohol and caffine should also be avoided.