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So, around four days after Christmas, my lymph node on the left side began to get slightly bigger than the other, and hurt when there was pressure (even turning my neck hurt).

The next day, I woke up and I had a sore throat and blood in my mucus! No coughing or anything, but both my lymph nodes were swollen. The next two days I had a sore throat, still no cough, and continued to spit up blood in my mucus (not a lot, though, small globs), and sometimes brown/green mucus. Since the fourth day I've had no blood in my mucus, but developed a cough, which barely hurts my throat when I cough; it just feels kind of hoarse, yet hurts extremely bad when I sneeze, but it doesn't hurt when I'm swallowing or otherwise. Now, in the morning sometimes my mucus is brown/yellow/green, but only a few times after I clear my throat. Afterwards, my mucus is basically clear and has some small white globs in it. Or sometimes it's clear/white globs the entire day.

I don't have lung cancer, do I? I smoke, but only for the past year and a half, and I'm barely even twenty. If not, what do I do? Go see a doctor? Or is it nothing too serious?


Whta did it end up being because that is exactly what I have right now I am freaked out!