I am only 24 years old.From 17 I started drinking alocohol and smoking marijuana,cigarettes .My mom ws having piles.I started taking cough syrup called Corex(Codine Content).As a result I got Fits(i.e.Epilepsy) and there after blood in stool with pain.

So doctor prescribed a medicine called DESVAL ER 1GM(SOLUS,Ranbaxy)to continue for three years which I am taking Now also.

I took taking marijuana,alcohol for quiet long time.

Thenafter just before 5 days all of sudden I got Blood in stool after a heavy drink and , i slight abdominal pain sometimes before taking breakfast after the toilet and during the day time also.

Doctor has prescribed me Sorboline Syrup,Liv 52 DS & Librium 25 .

I cant see any effect as of now.

Pl help me.:-|

Tara Prasad