My wife has been having trouble with dizziness and headaches lately (no other symptoms, just severe dizziness that she started feeling one morning and headaches that come and go seemingly at random). She wasn't able to see our normal doctor (he's out of town), so she saw someone that we haven't been to before. This new doctor diagnosed the problem as fluid in the ears and prescribed hydrochlorot, saying that it could be used to treat her dizziness and fluid in the ears, but I'm deeply suspicious of that claim.

First, she doesn't have any problems with hearing. Isn't dulled or dampened hearing the main symptom of fluid in the ears?

Second, I've done research on the drug, and I haven't found anything that mentions it being used as a treatment for ear fluid or dizziness (the only time I've seen dizziness mentioned in relation with hydrochlorot is as a side effect). After I asked her about the dizziness claim, she called the doctor's office back to double check and was told that, yes, it is used to treat dizziness.

Third, the doctor acted as if she could take all of her current medications (which include a prescription cough syrup that has codine in it) without any problems, but the information on hydrochlorot that she got from the pharmacy claims that codine significantly increases the chances of hydrochlorot causing negative side effects.

Finally, her regular blood pressure has always been a bit on the low side, so I'm concerned about the safety of her taking a drug that is mainly used to reduce blood pressure.

Because of all of these factors, I'm concerned about this doctor's judgment and my wife's safety. Are these valid reasons for concern, or am I misinformed or being overly cautious?