This is Prof Adel Bondok, Prof of Anatomy and Neuroscience, Mansoura University, Egypt.

I adopted a new classification of the thalamic nuclei based on their function and connection so medical students can easily recognize them and remeber their function. I called this classification "Bondok's Classification".

According to the main function of the thalamic nuclei, the thalamic nuclei are divided into 5 groups:

1. 2 Specific Motor Nuclei: ventral anterior nucleus and ventral lateral nucleus.
2. 2 Specific Sensory Nuclei: ventral posterior nucleus and metathalamus (medial and lateral geniculate bodies).
3. 2 Limbic System Nuclei: anterior nucleus and medial nucleus.
4. 2 Reticular Activating System Nuclei: reticular nucleus and intralaminar nucleus.
5. 3 Association Nuclei: the 3 dorsal nuclei (lateral dorsal, lateral posterior and pulvinar)