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About 6 months ago I experienced what is like to be bloated for the first time. More and more frequently I am having these bouts and what scares me is the rate that my stomach will expand from 0 months to literally the size I was at 9 months pregnant just within a matter of minutes. I can actually watch my stomach balloon up if I drink something fast. During these bouts of being bloated (which last on and off for a day or so usually when I am run down), there is always noticeable amounts of mucus in my stool. On a normal day (99% of the time) I have never experienced anything like this. Obviously the bloating and the mucous are connected to the problem. What could the problem be? I would appreciate any insight as I await health insurance benefits.

Also - I have been having sharp, short (pinching) pains in my lower left back on an ongoing, random basis in the exact same spot for about 1 year now. Everybody tells me it sounds like back pain but I just don't think it is. (could this be intestinal? I have alot of bowel cancer on my Mother's side of the family.) My Mother had a hysterectomy at 37 to remove a tumor the size of a grapefruit. I am 33 but I just gave birth exactly 2 years ago and they didn't see anything abnormal then. I'm not sure if any of this is related to the other symptoms or not just thought I'd mention it. I'm really worried about what is happening inside of me to make me bloat so badly and produce mucus at the same time. Thanks in advance and God Bless


What your describing is not normal or healthy.

Here are a few possibles :

Chron's Disease
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Severe Lactose Allergy

Also the mucus,you should know, is standard for some of these mentioned conditions. There could be an inability to absorb nutrients and deal with food properly as well.
In any case this sounds like something that should be checked out soon. If blood appears with these symptoms you mentioned, get seen ASAP of course.

Now you mentioned you have cancer in your family. This is something to mention to doctors always but don't get too concerned about this. Family cancer history is something to watch but not a guarantee you will face. Eating well, maintaining fiber in your diet, good physical activity and stress management will help you battle genetics.

If this has been going on for 6 months and on a regular basis it really should be checked out as soon as you can.

To me, however, it does sound intestinal.

As for the back pain, it could be related or un-related. But should be mentioned at your doctors visit.