So here's the basics: I'm 24, female, normally pretty healthy and i've always had anxiety and depression. The past few months it's been alot worse, and I am finally recieving treatment for both. The only thing is, my bowels have been anything but normal. I know that stress can have a huge impact on your digestion etc, but I am starting to feel alot better, especially with the medication, so why aren't my bowels returning to normal? I've lost a total of 10lbs in the last few months as well, which could be partly because i have changed my eating habits since december but i've been eating alot better and alot less. Normally, I use the bathroom 2-3 times a day, it's quick and satisfying with little to no strain. The BM is formed and normal. Lately I've been having bouts of either diarrhea (with no other symptoms) or constipation where I feel bloated even though I haven't eaten all that much, and when I do actually get something out it's small. I have had a few normal BMs in between these bouts, but everytime, except when they're normal, there is mucus present. I would normally be worried, but since i have no other symptoms, no pain, fever, anything but some minor nausea (which would simply be my anxiety about it because i am emetophobic so anytime i have a stomach issue i get anxious) Just wondering if anyone else has had these issues and what they did to help get back on track. I plan to talk to my therapist about it at my next visit but that's not until the end of this month, so any info to keep my mind at ease until then would be great. Thanks in advance.